In Continental Mood/Flatworld (Andy Cutting), Soren's Waltz (Jan Ekedahl)

@ ABFC Feb 2/20 w/Geoff Somers.
Montmagny Waltz (G. Somers);
Clodag's Jig (A. Lupton);
Drew James Macintosh (B. Worrall)

In 2010, a year after major aortic-valve replacement surgery, Patrick began to teach himself to play this remarkable instrument. His repertoire ranges widely, including Canadian (30%), Irish,
English & Scottish airs, waltzes, reels, jigs & hornpipes, Scandinavian vals & polskas, Playford dance tunes, new (and older) French musettes, Tango & Tango vals. 
It features music written by fiddlers, harpists, pipers, flautists, guitarists, pianists, nyckelharpists, jazz saxophonists, and, yes, players of several sorts of accordions. 
Expect sensuous sound, infectious rhythm, sweet melody & counterpoint.